South Central District

All-District Band Auditions Online Registration Directions



  • First, register your school for the All-District Auditions by clicking on “Register Your School".
  • Complete all of the following information for your school and click “Submit.” NOTE: If your school is not listed, then there may be an issue with your SCDBA membership. Please email Ruth Petersen at to resolve the issue. 
  • Once you have registered your school, you will be directed back to the main page of the All-District Audition Registration Form, where you will login by selecting your school, enter the password you created, and click submit. If you do not see your school name, then you did not complete the registration process. Try registering your school again.

  • Once you have logged-in to the form, you should see your school name on the left, and a table on the right. If you need to edit/change your school information, click on “Edit School Info.”
  • Begin to register your students by clicking on “Add Student.”
  • Once you click on “Add Student,” you will see a screen that asks for the following information:

          Band (either Middle School or High School)
        School (the name of your school)
        First Name (first name of the student)
        Last Name (last name of the student)
        Grade (MS 6-8; HS 9-10; Sr. HS 11-12)

       Please enter the following information for each student, double-checking to make sure all of the information is
        correct, and then click “Insert Student.” If there is an error and the error is not discovered until you are registering     
        your students on the day of auditions, that student will be at the end of the list as the order for each room will have 
        been already made. Please double check before you print and mail your registration to Carrie!

  • In the event you need to edit one of the students in the table, simply click the word “Edit” next to the student’s name and you will be directed to the table as described above, where you will be able to change the student’s information. To delete a student, simply click the word “Delete” next to the student’s name. You can enter/delete/edit names until the registration deadline of December 12, 2018. The website will stop accepting changes at 11:59 PM. Percussion students who audition on more than one instrument does not pay a multiple audition fee. They only pay $10. In order for the registration page to recognize this please be sure that you type the name exactly the same for each instrument they will audition on (Snare, Mallet and/or Timpani). If not, the program will read the input as a different student. If you have any trouble with this, email Ruth Petersen at

  • Once you have finished entering the information for each of your students, click on “Finished: Print Entry Form.”

  • You will then be directed to a screen that includes your school’s information, a table showing the total registration fee for your school, and the list of students in their respective audition areas that you registered. Please double-check to make sure all of this information is accurate. If there is an error and the error is not discovered until you are registering your students on the day of auditions that student will be at the end of the list as the order for each room will have been already established.
  • Print one copy of this form for the audition chair. Include this form with a check for the required fees, made payable to “NCMEA SCDBA TREASURER,” and mail both the form and fees to Carrie Lineberger at the following address:

    SCDBA All-District Band Auditions
    Carrie Lineberger
    1516 Kelly's Landing Dr.
    Mount Holly, NC 28120

  • You can add or remove students using the online registration process up until the registration deadline. All you need to do is login by selecting your school and using the password you created. If you forgot to include a student by the registration deadline, you can still register students provided that you registered at least one student by December12, 2018. This means that you had to enter in the name(s) of the student(s), printed a copy of the registration form, include the fee(s) and had your letter postmarked by December 12, 2018. 

  • The second deadline is from December 13, 2018 to Thursday, January 10, 2019 by 12 Noon. The fee is $25.00 per student for the second deadline. You will use the same procedure as listed above to enter your late student names. To meet this deadline you must have entered the name(s) of the student(s), printed a copy of the registration form, included the fee(s) and this must be in the hands Chris Moreau, Carrie Lineberger or a member of the SCDBA Board of Directors by 12 Noon.

  • There will be also registration on the morning of auditions. Registration will end at 8:45 AM. Be sure to arrive early so there is enough time to register your student(s). The cost per student will be $50.00 for day of audition registration.

  • Any change to the student instrument or grade level after the first registration deadline will result in a late fee. The late fee will be for the amount at that time. ($25.00 or $50.00)

  • If you have any additional questions about the auditions and registration, please consult the “Frequently Asked Questions” document on the auditions page.

Click HERE to begin registering students for the 2019 SCDBA Auditions.
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